Everyone wants to throw a safe party. With Health Pass, it might happen

After months of lockdown, things are finally happening again in Sin City. Casinos, conventions, nightclubs, sporting events, and entertainment venues are opening under strict social distancing measures. However, the wave of apprehension has not fully subsided, and entertainment joints are exploring potential solutions. Health Pass is among the practical solutions.

Everyone is trying to create a safe experience for customers, but the idea of Health Pass is the most appealing. Some Vegas entities are actually expected to use it as soon as the vaccine rolls out.

A Health Pass works via its CLEAR app by connecting ID verification, lab results, and ticketing so the entertainment joints can know who is safe to let into their venues. The app offers real-time health surveys that come in handy to detect possible symptoms.

Moreover, incoming guests use QR codes as tickets to confirm that they are free of any bug, including COVID-19.  Among the many benefits of this service is that it allows entry to only individuals who have a clean bill of health.

Honestly, it's baffling that brothels and strip clubs are yet to use this service; it's the perfect idea for the current times.

Asia has been at the forefront of using similar apps and testing to reopen some of its high-flying nightlife joints, and soon, Vegas will follow the same path. 

McCarran airport is already using Health Pass and doing just fine.  CLEAR was previously used as an identification verification service. In 2020, it's a different case; it is about health.

Nevertheless, as much appealing as the service might appear, it also comes with many questions. For starters, health surveys are often self-reporting, and somebody might as well misrepresent their condition.

Moreover, it is possible to get infected between the time they get tested and when they attend an event. But still, Health Pass is bound to accomplish a major and important feat in the name of building public confidence.

Honestly, CLEAR Health Pass could be a significant accomplishment moving into the next phase of these trying times.

Sin City needs its glory back; the people, those kickass shows and conventions, as well as valued international visitors. Vegas big guns such as Ticketmaster and MGM Resorts are all-in for the Health Pass idea.